Posted by: macintoshsisters | November 15, 2006

OS X: Universal Isn’t Always the Way to Go

OS X: Universal Isn’t Always the Way to Go
Author: Brandon Watts

(Column) – Decisions about platform support before or during the application development process can sometimes be a slippery slope. You obviously want as many people as possible to be able to use and enjoy your software, but you usually have to draw the line somewhere. Many developers just use the tools and development practices that they’re familiar with and support whoever can use the fruits of their labor, but some coders are tireless in their efforts of tweaking their software to run on everything… and I do mean everything.

Back in the day, applications were very dependent on their specific platforms, and the availability of software that could run well across the board was something that was still rather foreign. Of course, advancements continue to be made, and nowadays, it can actually be surprising when you find a software release from a major company that doesn’t run on at least two of the three big operating systems that exist today. This is all thanks in part to development tools that are equal opportunity compilers, virtualization advances, and ongoing feedback from the army of users who march the digital picket lines while shouting, “Who wants more platform support? We do!”

Read article in full at OSWeekly


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