Posted by: macintoshsisters | November 18, 2006

SidewinderX Released for Mac OS X

Hendrickson Software Components announces SidewinderX available now for Mac OS X. Automated, AppleScript-able spam tracing and reporting solution dramatically reduces spam. Universal binary designed to work with Mac OS X and Apple Mail.

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) November 17, 2006 — Hendrickson Software Components (hsc) announced today the release of SidewinderX, an automated, AppleScript-able spam tracing and reporting software tool for Apple Mail. The Mac OS X Universal Binary is built on the company’s popular Sidewinder Rating Engine, and designed to work with Apple Mail to trace and report spam e-mail, and “spamvertized” links embedded in e-mail messages. It will also allow the user to “categorize” spam by content, and send a different abuse complaint, and use a different CC list for abuse complaints from each category. Versions for other email clients will follow on very soon, as well as versions for Windows, Windows email clients, Linux and Linux email clients.

“SidewinderX is the ideal solution for spam-weary customers. Because it automatically traces the source of the spam and the embedded spamvertized and phishing links, and then reports the offenders to their ISPs. SidewinderX helps to eliminate the problem at the source,” stated Jeff Hendrickson, creator of the Sidewinder Rating Engine, and SidewinderX. “This first release is designed specifically for Apple Mail and OS X, and versions will be available for other e-mail clients and Operating Systems over the next few months.”

SidewinderX enables everyone from novice end users to IT professionals working in complex networked environments to effectively reduce spam in their e-mail Inbox and on their network. SidewinderX works by automatically tracing the source of spam and embedded links and reporting offenders to their respective Internet Service Providers. SidewinderX users typically see their spam levels drop dramatically within a few weeks.

Pricing and Availability
SidewinderX is currently available for Mac OS X, and Apple Mail. The client edition is priced at $19.95 US. The product can be purchased directly from hsc. Quantity discounts are available; please contact the company for details.

About Hendrickson Software Components
Founded in 1998, Hendrickson Software Components (hsc) offers a variety of software products and components, including Em@ilCRX, Sp@mX, the Outlook Message Parser and packaged enterprise applications. hsc also offers custom software development and consulting services to help companies develop corporate-compliant, spam-free e-mail infrastructures, as well as premium web hosting. The company is based in Arlington, Virginia, and can be contacted online.


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