Posted by: macintoshsisters | November 22, 2006

Exploit Code Published for Apple oS X Glitch

Exploit Code Published for Apple OS X Glitch
By Matt Hines

Researchers have published exploit code that targets an unpatched kernel vulnerability in Apple’s OS X desktop software.

An independent vulnerability analyst working as part of the “Month of Kernel Bugs” campaign released the details necessary to attack the hole in OS X on Nov. 22, revealing the manner in which hackers could target the glitch, which affects the way Apple’s software handles disk image files.

The researcher, identified only by the screen name “LMH,” issued the exploit via a post on the Kernel Fun Web site.

“Mac OS X fails to properly handle corrupted image structures, leading to an exploitable denial of service condition,” LMH wrote in his latest blog.

Full article at eWeek



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