Posted by: macintoshsisters | November 23, 2006

Whenever iTurn, it’s an iPod world

Wherever iTurn, it’s an iPod world
By Alex Beam, Globe Columnist

iGuess it was the advertisement for the $89 iLamp that sent me over the edge. “Turn the knob once to use the desk lamp,” the promotional copy read. “Twice to hear tunes from your iPod or MP3 player through hi-fidelity speakers; three times to do both at once.”

And to think that my lamp only gives off light. How pre-2001.

It’s an iPod world and we only live in it. Here is just a partial catalog of idiotic i-accessories you can purchase for the hottest consumer product in memory: iBling, a bejeweled case for the iPod Shuffle; iSkin, a different brand of podcases; iGuy, a Gumby-like plastic toy that holds an iPod Nano; the iShade screen protector; all kinds of iStation speaker systems; and likewise a variety of iHomes docking stations, including a travel alarm clock and a kitchen under-cabinet system suitable for mating with your iPod.

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