Posted by: macintoshsisters | November 23, 2006

You can teach your iPod some new tricks

If you own an iPod, you use iTunes to manage your music collection. This handy program lets you load music, podcasts and videos on your player. But iTunes 7 can do more than you realize. Here are five great tricks to get more out of iTunes 7:

• Mass de-authorization. You can only play iTunes-purchased music on five computers. Each must be authorized with a user name and password. But your computer may crash. Or you may lose your laptop.

You still can move music to another computer. But you can’t authorize it to play. However, you can de-authorize all of your purchases once a year. Then you can re-authorize your music to play on up to five computers.

Click Store and View My Account. Enter your user name and password. If you have reached your limit, you’ll see a Deauthorize All button. Click it.

Full article at The Indianapolis Star (no longer on site)



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