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Your computer is more than a forum for your work — it’s a portrait of your life. If you’re a photographer, it encompasses an ever-growing archive of your life’s work in pictures. A lifetime of exchanges with people, both professional and personal.

All of which is very valuable, and — unless you’re blessed with superhuman organizational skills — extremely unwieldy to weed through. Which is why “intelligent search” has become the holy grail of so many technologists.

Enter Spotlight. A revolutionary search technology exclusive to Mac OS X, Spotlight search puts you in command of your life and business, by allowing you to delve deeply into the contents of your files — yes, even your image files — with new power, precision, and agility.

Search, Sort, Display
Spotlight helps you find what you’re looking for, even if you don’t know where to look. Just select Spotlight from the menu bar and start typing a keyword. Instantly, Spotlight starts listing results from file and folder names, the contents of text and PDF do*****ents, email messages, Address Book contacts — virtually every type of file on your Mac’s storage drives.

When you do a Spotlight search for pictures, you don’t see just the file names of pictures. You see the pictures, because Tiger has native support for multiple image formats — PSD, JPG, TIF, RAW, HDR, and many more — you get accurate visual previews of found images. You can even launch a slideshow of the results of a photo search, directly from within Spotlight.

How does Spotlight accomplish such smart searches for purely visual content? Because it has the power to sift through metadata.

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