Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 8, 2006

Mac OS X Hints…

Mac OS X hints
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Use a stand-alone URL downloader

Have you ever wished for a quick way to download something without waiting for your Web browser to launch first? For instance, perhaps you, like me, receive a lot of e-mail messages that include URLs for downloading software. In Mac OS X 10.4.7 or later, there’s a built-in way to skip the launch time and keep track of everything you’ve downloaded; it’s a stand-alone application that does nothing more than accept dragged URLs and download files to your desktop.

In the Finder, navigate to /System/Library/ CoreServices, and then scroll down until you see the program named VerifiedDownloadAgent. Now drag that application to another spot on your hard drive–the Applications folder, or anywhere else you’d like to store a copy. Your user account doesn’t have the necessary rights to modify the System folder, so the Finder will automatically create a copy of the application when you drag it. The original will remain safely in its current location.

When Apple updates this application (currently at version 1), you’ll have to copy it again to get the newest version. To avoid that hassle, you can make an alias instead (Command-option-drag the original file to a new location to create an alias).

Now go to the spot where you saved your copy and rename VerifiedDownloadAgent something more friendly–I called mine Downloader. If you want to get fancy, you could paste in a custom icon in place of the generic one the application uses. I used the Downloads Folder icon from the Iconfactory’s free Amora icon collection . Once you’re done, drag the application to the Dock or to the Finder’s sidebar or toolbar so it’s easily accessible. Launch it and leave it running all the time; then drag and drop any download URLs you receive into its window or onto its Dock icon for quick downloading without launching your Web browser.

Full article at InfoWorld


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