Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 10, 2006

Apple to Take on Wii, PS3?

Apple to Take on Wii, PS3?
Mac Attack: Wall Street analyst says Apple hiring game developers.

By Red Herring Staff

The latest Apple rumor has the computer maker entering the gaming console, taking on Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

In a note to clients published Monday, Prudential Equity Analyst Jesse Tortora said his checks show the Cupertino, California computer maker is hiring video game designers. Mr. Tortora wrote that the hires could indicate a move into either the gaming console market or that Apple could add fresh gaming capabilities to its existing line of iPod music players.

If Apple attacks the gaming console market, it would put the company up against some various serious competition. However, such a move might be needed to keep Sony and Microsoft from dominating the digital living rooms.

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