Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 13, 2006

Does OS X Need a New Aqua?

Does OS X Need a New Aqua?
by Chris Howard

Not long now ‘til everyone’s favorite time of the year: MacWorld! (Although, I must say, hoping a Wii makes an appearance at that other favorite time is pretty exciting too.) At MacWorld San Francisco 2007 in January, we’ll finally get to see what will almost be production ready Leopard and, ooh, aah… its secret features.

One rumor that has been growing like a snowball rolling down Everest is that Aqua is to be replaced. A new name – Illuminous – has been rumored as well.

It would be quite surprising if Leopard doesn’t get a visual overall. Apple need’s to keep OS X not only functioning, but looking a generation (or more) ahead of Windows.

It’d be interesting to know how differently Microsoft would develop Windows if Apple was a serious competitor. Would we see annual upgrades? Would Microsoft have made sure Longhorn with all its spiffitity made it to market?

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