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101 Scripts for Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX systems

101 Scripts for Linux, MAC OS X and UNIX systems
By Alan Berg

Wicked Cool Shell Scripts by Dave Taylor is a book that delights my force for good hacker’s instinct. Listing 101 viable Bourne shell (sh) example scripts succinctly, one is hard pressed to find a better starting point to enabling your intellectual problem solving physique to gain meaningful contact with real world coding. If you enjoy pimping the Linux, Unix and Mac OS X command line into customized heaven you may find this is one of the main books for you.

Ok you have forced me, I admit it. My real life job is as a developer. I build and glue and hit systems with big hammers. As a developer, I feel a great deal of pleasure taking control of my UNIX and Linux environment. In fact, inevitably, whenever I automate a process I end up calling a bash script via a cron job. Therefore, Dave Taylor’s well-populated book resonates with my core skills. From example 1, finding programs in the PATH, and onward, it becomes increasingly obvious that the author has a great deal of real life experience. This automatically translates to cool, wicked scripts that are in solid contact with the underlying problem domains. So, you want to control how you delete files or get weather information from the command line, read on.

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