Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 14, 2006

MacWorld Podcast: Ededy Awards & Expo preview

Macworld Podcast: Eddy Awards & Expo preview
By Christopher Breen

By simultaneously looking back and looking ahead, the 60th episode of the Macworld Podcast could make you cross-eyed. First, the look back: we revisit 2006’s finest Macintosh products via Macworld’s 22nd Annual Editors’ Choice Awards. Editorial Director Jason Snell and Macworld Executive Editor for Print Dan Miller talk about the selection process as well as highlight some of the coolest and quirkiest items to make the cut this year.

After our glance back, we look forward to the biggest event in the Macintosh industry—January’s Macworld Conference & Expo. To get a line on what we can expect from this year’s Big Event, we Skyped with Paul Kent, brand vice president in charge of the Conference & Expo.

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