Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 16, 2006

Zune vs iPod – The Story in the Data

The Following is a blog entry from LeeAnn Prescott at Hitwise: Since the launch of the Zune less than a month ago, I’ve been curious to see how Microsoft’s new mp3 player compares against the iPod. A chart of search volume for ‘ipod’ and ‘zune’ shows that the share of searches for ‘ipod’ was 3X greater than the share of searches for ‘zune’ for the week ending 12/9/06. Not bad for a product that’s only been on shelves for three weeks.

But how are people searching for ‘zune’ versus ‘ipod’ and what does that tell us? The Hitwise Search Term Suggestion report for the two products shows an enormous delta in related terms – there were over 9,062 search terms captured by Hitwise containing ‘ipod’ in the last 4 weeks, compared to 666 for ‘zune.’ Certainly, iPod has several years behind it, and a complete line of products and accessories. However, three of the top 10 search terms containing ‘zune’ are looking for reviews or iPod comparisons, which would be expected for a new product.

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