Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 18, 2006

The Mac Means Business

The Mac Means Business
By Dan Muse

In the computer world, there’s a pervasive attitude that the Mac is a great computer for graphic design, publishing, video production and education. But when it comes to software to run your business, you may want to think about buying a Windows PC.

Whether or not that is a fair representation of the Mac is, of course, open to interpretation and largely comes down to your perception of the Mac. But even if you if love the Mac mostly for what it’s best-known for, you may not be giving it enough credit for its business savvy, according Paul Kent, vice president of Macworld Expo.

To help spread the word, Kent said, Macworld Expo last year launched its Small Business Symposium, and this year it’s back to help spread the business gospel of Apple’s Computer’s desktop and laptop computers — which are known for attracting a rather religious following.

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