Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 19, 2006

Frustrated Windows users eye Apple’s Mac

Frustrated Windows users eye Apple’s Mac

If you talk to a hard-core techie who’s a user of the Linux operating system or one of the zealots who worship Apple’s Macintosh, you won’t hear many nice things said about Microsoft.

For many of these folks, Microsoft is the enemy, an evil monopolist, the Dark Side of the Force, the Borg collective. An example: Slashdot, the Linux advocacy and tech news site, has a feature called “Ask Slashdot,” and recently ran an item headlined “Why Does Everyone Hate Microsoft?”

The answers were alternately predictable and thoughtful. Some examples:

“Microsoft has for decades now used Apple as their R&D lab. It’s an obvious and well known joke, but if you are familiar with OS X, just wait until you get to play with Vista. Come on, now, there are some very smart folks at Microsoft, so why can’t they come up with ideas and products on their own? … ”

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