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A glance back at Apple in ‘06, a look ahead to ‘07

A glance back at Apple in ’06, a look ahead to ’07
Want good risk management? Avoid Vista and get a Mac
by: Yuval Kossovsky

December 20, 2006 (Computerworld) — Looking back, 2006 has been a great year for Apple. Wall Street continues to be enamored with all things Apple, the company’s laptop market share is up to 10%, and the media distribution business has changed forever — with iTV arriving after the first of the year. Will Apple also partner with a mobile virtual network operator, or buy a cell carrier outright for the final push in its effort to broaden its reach?

I could go on about touch-screen video iPods, market share, new models, the completion of the Intel transition, the rumored cell phones and more. The only prediction I will make is my annual prognostication, which is that iChatAV will break out to more mainstream use this coming year, and that Apple will embed it in a 3G cell phone. IChatAV (or, as I see it, iSpeakwalkandtalk) will be the killer app for mobile operators seeking to increase average revenues per user via data services.

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