Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 20, 2006

A Second Life for Release parties

A Second Life for Release Parties
E Frontier announces Poser 7’s release in Second Life
By Ko Maruyama

When I received an invitation to attend a release party in Second Life, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had heard about Second Life – with nearly 2 million residents in the virtual world, and an economy that can be calculated to real-world dollars, companies are starting to have meetings “inworld”. But why?

After a pretty simple setup (creating an avatar and walking through a painless orientation – a la video game “click this to do this”), I was a day early for the meeting, so I walked around the virtual world. It was immediately obvious that this is the perfect place for e•frontier to have their announcement of Poser 7.

Second Life is filled with all kinds of avatars who all benefit from one tool or another found in Poser. Not only are people using Poser to create templates for texture design, but they’re also creating specific animations which can be sold for L$ (find out at, which equals fractions of real dollars, but true money nonetheless (there’s already a SecondLife resident who has made $1M – AFTER the conversion back to real U.S. Dollars).

Full article at AnimationArtist


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