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I Gave Up My PC for a Mac

I Gave Up My PC for a Mac
What happens when a longtime Windows user abandons XP for a MacBook for two weeks? This is his tale.
By Jeffrey L. Wilson

We’ve all seen those Apple commercials: you know, the one where a trying-too-hard-to-be-cool Justin Long, representing the Mac, extols the superiority of Apple’s platform, while John Hodgman, playing the role of the venerable PC, bumbles about in a display of Windows-related clumsiness. Sure, the commercials make for mildly entertaining (albeit somewhat annoying) viewing, but after catching a few of the 30-second spots I began to wonder, is the Mac guy on to something? Does Apple’s computing platform offer far smoother inter-program integration and ease of use? I guess the commercials work, because curiosity got the best of me.

Like many PC users, I’ve heard again and again about the many virtues of the Mac OS. And like many of you, I’ve toyed with one here and there, but I have yet to live a Mac, breathe a Mac, be a Mac. So when an Intel Core 2 Duo-powered MacBook-in black no less-arrived at LAPTOP’s HQ, I knew it was my chance to satisfy my curiosity and explore the accuracy of Apple’s ad campaign. So with a sense of discovery not seen since the days of Lewis and Clark, I decided to abandon my Windows world for the MacBook for two solid weeks.

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