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Celebrating a year of resurgence for Apple…

The Mac Guy: Celebrating a year of resurgence for Apple and the Macintosh
San Antonio Express-News

2006 has been an exciting year for Mac users, with plenty of good news and thrilling events for everyone. Let’s take a look back and see how it all came together to make an action-packed year.

The biggest news of the year was the completion of Apple’s transition from the older PowerPC microprocessors to the newer and more plentiful ones from Intel. The switch was finalized in August with the announcement of the new Mac Pro, a quad Xeon 64-bit desktop workstation. This put Apple well ahead of schedule for the Intel transition and well ahead of many of the makers of pro applications in converting their software to the new Mac architecture.

Many developers put out Intel-native Mac versions of their apps, known as universal binaries. All of Apple’s current applications have been updated to the new standard, including iLife, iWork, Final Cut Pro and Express, Aperture, Shake and Logic Pro. Third-party apps are being updated too. Look for the UB versions of QuarkXpress, FileMaker Pro, BBEdit, Digital Performer, Firefox, VectorWorks, Timbuktu, Nisus Writer Express, OmniWeb, MacFamilyTree, PocketMac, and so many more it is really hard to get your head around them.

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