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Who did the mouse leave out?

Who did the mouse leave out?
By Fania Oz-Salzberger

“You,” blares the Time magazine headline, three large letters on a photograph of a huge Macintosh computer, one of the newest models on the market. The 2006 man of the year is each and every one of the citizens of the new digital democracy – that is, everyone who sat in front of a computer and created or consumed online software in the new transnational community. So the people of the year are all of us, the headlines in the world media say. All of us? Not really.

The print edition of the magazine bears a gray, empty computer screen, but Time’s Web site shows many flickering faces in a rainbow of global hues, Benetton-style: European grandmothers, black rappers, Asian businessmen. The cover story celebrates the unusual man of the year thus: “Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.” Despite the wars in Iraq and Sudan, despite the evil quarrel between Israel and Lebanon, the story of 2006 is one of community and cooperation on a hitherto unknown level, Lev Grossman writes in the largest global weekly. It’s the story of Wikipedia, the cosmic ac*****ulation of knowledge, of the popular YouTube and its million channels, of the online metropolis MySpace. It’s the story of the all-embracing digital democracy, and it’s the story of you, all its active citizens. This is spiritually elevating, the story of a new, third-millennium heroism: We could have chosen Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Time is saying. But we chose you. The future, the magazine wants to tell us, gleams in the trillions of bytes accessed by freedom-loving individuals: you.

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