Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 28, 2006

Top 10 Apple rumours of all time

What do you get when you cross a notoriously tight-lipped computer company with rabidly fanatical users? A whole lot of gossip, speculation and hearsay, that’s what. Thirty years of Apple Computer has seen the company rise, fall and rise again like a kind of technological Jesus Christ — there’s been plenty to talk about.

Putting aside the surreal story of the return of Steve Jobs in 1997 to the company he founded back in 1976, Apple’s products themselves have been the ripest material for rumour-mongers. From the ’90s doomsayers who predicted the complete collapse of “beleaguered” Apple to today’s rampant iPhone speculation, Apple has stimulated more imagination in Internet forums than any other company. You might even say that Apple is the only computer manufacturer to have inspired its own fan fiction.

Take our hand as we frolic back through the last 30 years of Apple rumours. Some turned out to be true, but most were wild fabrications built on nothing but wishful thinking and too much peyote.

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