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OS X Interface Guidelines: Black and Glossy?

OS X Interface Guidelines: Black and Glossy?
Brandon Watts

Depending on what your attitude was as a student when you were in school, you may have hated the very idea of even having to crack open a textbook. Textbooks meant work, studying, and seemingly endless reading assignments. Fun, fun, fun. You possibly found several of them to be tolerable, but no one can blame you for avoiding that Algebra book like the plague. Of course, it never helped you to look good when the teacher’s pet ate up those homework assignments as if they were being distributed by Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, but that’s beside the point.

Let’s stop gleefully reminiscing about the school days of old and fast forward to the modern day. Far from being an inconvenience, textbooks can now be a huge help in assisting you to figure out things that you want to know. Once you’re not forced to use them, it’s amazing how much your attitude about them can change. I’ve purchased a number of manuals, textbooks, and guidebooks over the years, and having a print reference to refer to can be a great help in educating yourself about a certain topic.

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