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MacWorld Expo SF 2007: The Mac Is Back!

Macworld Expo SF 2007: The Mac is Back!
by Adam C. Engst

The last few Macworld Expos in San Francisco may have shown a rebound from the doldrums of the previous years, but that was in large part due to the number of vendors showing iPod-related products and to Apple releasing exciting new hardware and software. In short, the Macintosh industry, not including Apple or iPod-related products, hasn’t made strong showings at Macworld Expo for quite some time.

Thus there was some cause for concern when Steve Jobs led off the show with a keynote address that, rather than setting the tone for the rest of the week, served as notice that Apple Computer, Inc. was de-emphasizing its computer roots by becoming Apple, Inc. and announcing the Apple TV media center and the truly amazing iPhone. Jobs not only didn’t announce any new Macintosh hardware or software, he didn’t so much as say the words “Leopard,” “iLife,” or “iWork.”

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