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Bloggers Rail Against Proposed N.Y. iPod Fine

Bloggers Rail Against Proposed N.Y. iPod Fine
It’ll cost you to cross the street while booging to your iPod, chatting on the phone or checking email.
By Antone Gonsalves – InformationWeek

hBloggers have lambasted a New York senator’s proposal to fine iPod users a $100 for listening to tunes while crossing the street.

State Sen. Carl Kruger’s bill, scheduled to be introduced Wednesday, would actually ban the use of any electronic device in a crosswalk. So besides iPod users, the proposal would also target people talking on mobile phones, checking email on their Blackberries or playing videogames on a portable console.

But the iPod ban is what sparked the most outrage, given the popularity of the Apple device among the Internet crowd. For many in the blogosphere, Kruger just didn’t get it when it came to trying to legislate human behavior.

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