Posted by: macintoshsisters | July 10, 2007

McGraw-Hill Delivers Interactive Learning for the iPod

McGraw-Hill Delivers Interactive Learning for the iPod
By Jacob Marrieri

According to prnewswire, ipods can now be used by college instructors to quickly access millions of questions in their database and deliver them to their students via iPod thus eliminating the need for instructors to be physically present to give their students quizzes plus the convenience of having the test scored immediately making it possible for the instructor to handle a huge number of student test since they are relieved of the burden of this routine task.

You can expect no less from Mcgraw who is a leading publisher and premier provider of print and digital teaching and learning for post-secondary and higher education requirements to offer this new college level content for their quiz software application. iQuiz is available from iTunes Storefor less than a dollar and is compatible with all fifth generation iPods.

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