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Apple homeward bound with new iMacs, iLife

Apple homeward bound with new iMacs, iLife
By Tom Krazit – Staff Writer, CNET

news analysis CUPERTINO, Calif.–Apple’s fourth major event of the year was a bit more understated than the previous ones, but provided another glimpse of the company’s view of the personal computer.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled new iMacs with aluminum and glass exteriors, keeping the rumor mill honest this time. Apple’s iMac is an all-in-one computer where the motherboard sits behind a flat-panel display, in a more streamlined approach to the traditional desktop PC.

The company also updated its software for home Mac users, known as the iLife suite. The five applications that make up iLife ’08 aim to help Mac users organize “user-generated content”–that ubiquitous Web 2.0 phrase–for both internal consumption at home and showcases that can one-up the Jones’ trip to Nepal.

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