Posted by: macintoshsisters | August 13, 2007

Leopard is now certified Unix, but is it safe?

Leopard is now certified Unix, but is it safe?
Some users will still be uncertain, says Tom Yager
By Tom Yager

I learned recently that OS X Leopard has passed the Open Group’s certification suite for Unix 03, qualifying it to use the Unix trademark. This certification, along with substantial advances in its administrative interface, puts OS X in league with the three big iron Unixes, namely, AIX, Solaris, and HP-UX.

The Open Group has issued Apple a lovely certificate of compliance. I suggest that all Leopard users frame it and hang it in their server rooms and Mac-blessed cubicles as a reminder to Linux weenies that there are pretenders, and then there is the real thing.

And guess what? I am genuinely unconcerned about those who see such statements as blasphemous or as baiting the Linux community. Those who read my columns know that I’m a certified Unix snob, a Mac client and server user, and proud to be both.

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