Posted by: macintoshsisters | August 23, 2007

Apple to usher in era of Mac OS X-based iPods

Apple to usher in era of Mac OS X-based iPods
By Kasper Jade

Apple Inc. will use a media event next month to unveil a new breed of iPod digital music players that have been injected with the company’s most vital asset — the Mac OS.

The move will culminate a multi-year effort on the part of the Cupertino-based electronics giant to form a new platform of digital devices around the common core of its legendary operating system software and expertise in industrial design.

Three of Apple’s four business segments — the Mac, iPhone and Apple TV — already rely on derivatives of the Mac OS. In surgically replacing the iPod’s Pixo-influenced OS with a modern-day variant of its homebred software, the company will have effectively scaled the Mac OS across its entire product matrix.

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