Posted by: macintoshsisters | August 31, 2007

NBC to Apple: ‘You’re fired!’

NBC to Apple: ‘You’re fired!’
Apple to NBC: ‘You can’t fire me! I quit!’
By Cade Metz in San Francisco

The Americanized version of “The Office” will soon disappear from Apple iTunes. The Reg couldn’t care less – we prefer the original, and we have no interest in watching even our favorite TV shows on an overpriced, DRM-shackled, handheld status symbol – but many uncultured Apple-loving web mavens are sure to be very upset.

Late yesterday, as reported by The New York Times, NBC Universal informed Apple that it would not renew its contract to sell “The Office” and other TV shows over iTunes, a ridiculously-popular digital music and video download service. The contract won’t expire until December, but Apple responded by telling the world that it would remove NBC shows from iTunes “beginning in September” – i.e. very shortly.

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