Posted by: macintoshsisters | September 9, 2007

Countdown to Leopard: Snapshots are a good thing

Countdown to Leopard: Snapshots are a good thing
by David Morgenstern

I took note of a recent thread about recovering trashed files on Apple’s Mac OS X Server list. The discussion points out the goodness we will gain from the Time Machine utility due in Mac OS X 10.5, a k a Leopard. And it also reveals a common user error with recovery software.

The originator of the thread recounted a goof that most of us have made one time or another: trashing files and folders by accident (or accidentally on purpose). Now, if we back up or archive our data regularly, then there’s a chance that the deleted files may still be accessible. Or not.

The recovery of a particular file can depend on when we notice the error and how we organize our backups. If you simply clone your drive on a schedule, that lost file will be lost with the next backup. If you have multiple backups in a rotation, perhaps the correct files will be there.

The discussion in the thread moved to the effectiveness of file recovery tools to bring back the lost data. These programs scan a storage device for identifiable files and then recover them to another drive altogether. You can search for specific files and file types.

Full article at ZDNet


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