Posted by: macintoshsisters | September 25, 2007

Apple plans to outwit hackers

Apple plans to outwit hackers
Gillian Shaw, Vancouver Sun

Unlock that iPhone at your peril. Or at least your wallet could be in peril if you order on eBay or head across the border to score one of Apple’s coveted iPhones and try to use it on a Canadian cellphone network.

That’s the plan of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who has promised to stamp out iPhones that have been unlocked by hackers to operate on networks outside of those that have deals with Apple.

In North America right now, that’s only AT&T in the United States.

Faced with a barrage of paid and free software available online that allows iPhone aficionados to use the phones on networks around the world, Jobs fired back by promising that Apple would try to outwit the hackers and render the hacked phones useless.

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