Posted by: macintoshsisters | October 12, 2007

Death of iPod Hard Drives Is Greatly Exaggerated

Death of iPod Hard Drives Is Greatly Exaggerated
By Bryan Gardiner

Rumors of the death of hard drives in Apple’s iPod are greatly exaggerated — so says, wait for it — the hard drive industry.

On Tuesday, the industry intelligence company iSuppli predicted the end times for spinning disc drives in iPods, characterizing the latest iPod Classic as “likely the last (iPod) from Apple to employ the venerable HDD technology for storage.” Many observers took this news as validation that mini disc drives are going the way of the dodo.

The truth of the matter isn’t nearly as clear-cut. While solid state (or flash) drives are dropping rapidly in price and increasing in capacity, small hard drives are doing the same — a trend that largely gets ignored.

In fact, as demand for high-definition video and other storage-dependent content increases, the traditional hard drive’s shelf life may well be much longer than anyone expects.

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