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How the world learned to love Apple and its Macs

How the world learned to love Apple and its Macs
Jack Schofield

Apple produced a stunning set of financial results on Monday, with one big surprise. In a quarter that has been dominated by talk of the iPhone and new iPods, the Macintosh computers were the stars of the show. Apple sold 2.16m units, which is more than in any other quarter in its history.

Apple used to be number one in the US computer market, but was devastated by the success of PCs running Microsoft Windows 95. Apple’s sales peaked at $11.1bn in 1995, and tumbled to $5.9bn in 1998. Both Dell and Compaq tripled their sales over the same period. Even in 2001 and 2002, Apple’s sales were less than $6bn a year.

Now Apple has managed revenues of $6.2bn (£3bn) in the latest quarter compared to $4.8bn for the same period last year, and $24bn for the full year, so it has quadrupled its sales in five years. The news pushed its share price on the day to $186.21, putting it (in terms of market capitalisation) ahead of IBM, which used to have 70% of the whole computer market and was America’s richest corporation.

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