Posted by: macintoshsisters | December 16, 2007

Apple goes widget crazy

It’s a given that, at this time of year, gadgets and gizmos are the desirable goodies, but widgets — defined by some dictionaries as gadgets — have morphed into something much more, thanks to Apple.

The Dashboard Widget first emerged in 2006 with the unveiling of Tiger, the Macintosh operating system that preceded the release of the latest version, called Leopard. In fact, the widget has taken a supporting role in Leopard: That program includes only one new widget app, Movies.

Movies is a goof, though: It displays a montage of movie posters that cross fade into each other. Click on one, and you’ll get a list of movies playing locally, identified by the location you plug into the back of the widget. You can select a theater and find its address, and there’s an option to buy tickets through Fandango. Movies also gives the film’s vital stats — running time, cast, etc. — and can even show a trailer.

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