Posted by: macintoshsisters | January 2, 2008

iCab 4.0 Web browser for Apple’s Mac OS X

“On New Year’s Eve iCab released version 4.0 if its Web browser. I’m not going to say ‘long-awaited,’ because most iCab fans had pretty much given up hope that there would ever be a 4.0 release. However, it’s here, and iCab is back with a vengeance,”Charles W. Moore reports for PB Central.

“iCab was the program that replaced Netscape 4.5 as my default browser sometime around 1998, and it may end up becoming my workhorse browser again in 2008. It version 4 release appears to be that good, at least in the early going,” Moore reports.

“iCab is a Mac port of the pre-existing and successful Atari ST Web browser, ‘Cab,’ developed by German programmer Alexander Clauss. Cab was written in Pascal, but the Mac port of iCab was coded entirely in CodeWarrior C. It has been essentially a labor of love for Clauss and co-developer Oliver Joppisch,” Moore reports.

Rendering speed in iCab 4.0 is “a major improvement over iCab 3,” Moore reports. “While iCab has pledged from the outset that a free version would always be available, it remains one of the last two browsers (OmniWeb is the other) that requires a software fee for full support. A single user license of ‘iCab Pro’ costs $25 / 25 EUR. Entering this code in iCab will switch off the ‘shareware reminder’ box. At the moment, the only restriction of the free version is that annoying little ‘shareware reminder’ box popping up from time to time.”

FULL review at PB Central


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