Posted by: macintoshsisters | January 16, 2008

Macworld ranks swell as Apple’s ‘cool factor’ spreads

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) — They come sporting mohawks, full-body tattoos, multiple piercings, and hair in brilliant colors — the ever-growing congregation of the “Mac-faithful” — basking in hip technology and declaring love for their iPods, iPhones and everything else from Apple on show at the annual MacWorld Expo.

This year a record more than 50,000 veteran fans and new converts are expected to jam into San Francisco’s Moscone Center, on pilgrimages to check out the newest products from Apple Inc.

MacWorld this year is again delivering on Apple’s “cool factor,” its ability to merge geeky gadgets with youth culture. Apple chief executive Steve Jobs unveiled the company’s new iTunes movie rental service and the market’s thinnest notebook computer.

And all around the show, which continues through Friday, are the paraphernalia of the Mac cult, books, software and hardware add-ons to take advantage of the dedication of the legions of Apple acolytes.

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