Posted by: macintoshsisters | February 15, 2008

Apple’s new baby has Microsoft feeling radio ga ga

Is that an iPhone in your pocket, or a BlackBerry in your briefcase? And is that a satnav on your windscreen?

You may not have been paying attention but, gradually, the world is moving into a post-PC era, even if it doesn’t feel like that between 9am and 7pm when many of us spend those hours in the office gazing at Microsoft programs.

It is also why Fru Hazlitt, the chief executive of GCap Media, was right to give up on digital radio over the airwaves this week.

Take the iPhone. After years of mobile internet disappointment, at last we have a device that people want to use to surf while lying on the sofa. Why? Because it uses the speed of domestic wi-fi – good for fixed operators and bad for mobile companies which have blown zillions on poor third-generation services – and is well designed. No wonder Google has found that iPhone users make 50 times more web searches compared with any other mobile.

FULL article at Times Online UK



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