Posted by: macintoshsisters | February 23, 2008

iPod Touch now $249 refurbished

It looks like Apple’s taken back enough broken iPod Touch units that it’s finally reselling them – in perfect working condition and for less, of course.

Unfortunately, the only refurbished iPod Touch the online Apple store currently sells is the 8GB model. Recently, Apple added a 32GB model to the lineup, so this refurbished unit isn’t the cream of the crop, but it’s still an absolutely fabulous machine.

The iPod Touch recently received a software upgrade, giving iPod Touch users legitimate access to the iPhone apps they so far had to illegitimately install. While all new units will ship with this software upgrade, new users will unfortunately have to cough up $20 to get the new functionality. Hacking the device is also an option to avoid the $20 waste of money.

The 80GB refurbished iPod Classic also sells for a $40 discount and the 160GB Classic for a $50 discount.

The 8GB iPhone is still selling at a $50 discount for $349, but don’t let “Original price: $599” fool you because the new 8GB iPhone sells for $399! Don’t listen to their lies!



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