Posted by: macintoshsisters | February 25, 2008

Apple Fix Removes iCal Schedules

After having installed the latest update from Apple, iCal showed up blank. Where did the schedules go?

The 10.5.2 bug-fix update to Mac OS X Leopard that Apple released recently seems to have a bug of its own: The iCal program included in OS X can seem to lose your calendars and to-do items.

To get them back, quit iCal, switch to the Finder, click the home icon in its left-hand pane and double-click your “Library” folder. Then double-click the “Calendars” folder to open that. Drag any files whose names include “Cache” into the trash. When you open iCal again, it should flash a message that it’s updating your calendars; a moment later, your appointments and to-dos should reappear.


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