Posted by: macintoshsisters | February 28, 2008

How to buy an MP3 player

The new digital generation has revolutionised the music industry. Not so long ago, listening to music meant either having a huge music system or owning those small walkmans in which you could play a cassette holding 12-15 songs. Next came the portable CD players. But, they were a touch too bulky to carry in your pockets and could also carry a limited number of songs.

The new generation believes ‘small is good’. The MP3 players available in the market are so small they can be threaded on a string and worn instead of a necklace. This reduction in size doesn’t seem to have affected their storage capacity or sound output though. The iPod shuffle is only 1.07 inches high, 1.62 inches wide, and 0.41 inches deep and it weighs only 15.6 gms. It can still store as many as 240 songs. This allows the listener to easily carry it everywhere. Samsung, Sony, Bose, Zune, Creative, Apple have all come out with Mp3 players.

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