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Mozilla to Apple: Show Your Hand

Mozilla to Apple: Show Your Hand
Does a six percent market share permit Apple to behave in a manner that would get Microsoft hauled into court?
By Andy Patrizio

A Mozilla developer, currently working on the 3.0 release of the browser, raised a ruckus when he expressed some frustration in a blog post yesterday over Apple’s lack of proper OS documentation.

Programmer Vladimir Vukicevic noted in his blog that once he discovered some undocumented APIs (define) in Mac OS X, performance for the Mac version of Firefox 3 took off like a shot. This led to what he termed an inaccurate claim on the community tech site Slashdot that Apple was crippling non-Apple applications.

Other members of the Slashdot community were quick to question the accuracy of the post. Still, Vukcevic wasn’t happy about the initial claim. “That post was totally inaccurate,” he told “We’re not going to be impeded at all. Firefox 3 will be the best browser we’ve delivered and the best browser on the Mac. We would just like to have better integration with OS X.”

The problem, he said, is that a lot of outside developers don’t seem to have access to Apple’s software development platform and documentation as Apple developers do. In the case of the browser, it has unique requirements of the operating system and they could use better documentation of those APIs.

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