Posted by: macintoshsisters | March 3, 2008

There Is No Such Thing as Intuitive Technology

Society overcomplicates everything. Tech is no exception. Sure, you can pretty it up, but what good is that if you can’t use the darn thing?

When the Apple Macintosh first debuted, it was thought of as the first computer that did not have or ever need a manual. In fact, it did need a manual, and an ever-growing one at that. The computer that doesn’t need a manual of some sort has not yet been invented. In the case of the Macintosh, the arrogance of the “no manual concept” actually spawned a complete line of third-party books called the “Missing Manual for…”

Nobody has been able to solve the problem of increasing complexity in technology. And this is not something new to computers and software, although software, in particular, represents the worst-case scenario for this phenomenon.

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