Posted by: macintoshsisters | March 6, 2008

Suddenly, the iPhone is a Mobile Computer

The iPhone and iPod Touch became a true mobile computing platform today as Apple held an event announcing a software developer’s kit and software store, plus support for Microsoft Exchange e-mail, contacts and calendaring, as well as parental controls for the iPhone coming in a software update in late June.

The software developer’s kit (SDK), available today in beta form from, will let anyone write and debug iPhone applications using a Mac, for free. Apple will provide the only way to install applications through a new “app store” which will run both on handhelds and within iTunes.

To get a digital certificate to load applications into the store, developers need to pay $99 to belong to Apple’s official developer program. Developers can set their own prices, but Apple will take a 30 percent cut. Apple will distribute free applications for free, though.

FULL article at PCWorld



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