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The new rules for buying a Mac

The new rules for buying a Mac
We bust the most common Mac shopping myths
By Jonathan Seff and Jason Snell

May 9, 2008 (MacWorld) The world has a lot of unwritten rules — in social etiquette. In baseball. And in buying computers. For years, we have unquestioningly followed numerous unwritten rules when buying a Mac.

Like many customs, these rules were once based on a foundation of facts and reason. But in the past few years, many long-standing Mac truths have been upended. All Macs run on multiple-core Intel processors now. IMacs are no longer hobbled by crippling feature limitations. And speedy external peripherals have drastically lessened the need for add-on cards.

In other words, the old rules no longer apply. If you’re planning on buying a new Mac, you need facts about the modern lineup so you can choose the computer that’s right for you.

In this article, we take a look at some common assumptions and explain whether they align with today’s realities.

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