Posted by: macintoshsisters | May 9, 2008

When force quit doesn’t work

Mac OS X’s force quit mechanism can be a boon when an applications freezes, often consuming a large amount of system resources as it flails. However, force quits do not always execute properly, leaving hung or stalled applications in their problematic states.


Fortunately, Apple’s “Force Quit” dialogue box is only one of the many ways to approach targeting a process to kill it. Alternative Approaches include:

Activity Monitor Use Activity Monitor to display a list of all the running processes on the computer. You can see if one is displayed improperly or if it’s using up large amounts of resources, and then kill it specifically to see if that clears the hang. (see this article for more)

The Terminal Use the terminal to kill a process by PID (Process ID). The PID can be looked up several ways, but the most common are to use Activity Monitor or the command line equivalent “top”. Using the command line is a more basic approach to killing the process.

FULL article at Mac OS X and iPod Troubleshooting



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