Posted by: macintoshsisters | June 3, 2008

Apple Giving Away iPods to Mac-Buying Students

Apple is continuing its get-em-while-they’re-young policy with what looks to be a pretty sweet giveaway. Students who buy a Mac before September 15th will get a free iPod. They’ll also get money off the cost of the Mac itself.

Sure, you say, it’s a free Shuffle. right? Big deal. Nope. Apple is giving away the 8GB iPod Touch, a move which will get a lot of Mobile Safari users on campus. If you don’t want a Touch, you can opt for a Nano, but unless you have really tiny pockets, we don’t know why you would. The offer is via rebate, so you’ll actually have to fork over the cash first, and claim it back later.

The Macs themselves also pack a decent discount: buyers will get $100 off MacBooks, $200 off MacBook Pros and up to $140 off an iMac. And for students who are spending Daddy’s money, the MacBook Air also qualifies, with a saving of up to $230. By contrast, Microsoft is trying to boost sales of Vista machines by not giving away a Zune with every purchase.



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