Posted by: macintoshsisters | August 18, 2008

ContentBarrier X4

The Web gives you all kinds of content at your fingertips. But that can be a problem if you’re in an environment where you need to monitor or restrict Internet access—if you’re in a home with kids, for instance, or a business where you want to cut down on non-work-related browsing. With ContentBarrier X4, you can set up user restrictions for Internet access, block Web sites, limit instant messaging, and maintain activity logs to get an idea of what people are doing.

When installed, ContentBarrier is active for every user account on a single Mac (ContentBarrier works alongside Mac OS X 10.5’s Parental Controls). While that might sound problematic in theory, it worked fine in practice. An administrator must log in with the appropriate user name and password to configure the program’s settings, which prevents standard user accounts from accessing the software. ContentBarrier’s interface is easy to understand; the main window consists of a list of users in a pane on the left, the user profile on top, and the settings listed at the bottom.

FULL article at MacWorld


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