Posted by: macintoshsisters | October 6, 2008

iGraffiti 1.1 for iPhone/Touch by Big Stone Phone ships

Big Stone Phone’s compelling painting and public art sharing app iGraffiti has been enhanced and is now available at the AppStore. New features include a pick any color from photo option and view the Public Art right from within iGraffiti. Key features include the use Library photos, take snapshots, or use a simple colored canvas. iGraffiti offers unique paint brush controls, choose color from crayons or pick a color from anywhere in the photo and more.

Albuquerque, NM – Big Stone Phone is happy to announce immediate and free availability of an update to its popular drawing and paint program iGraffiti v 1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Key features in iGraffiti include:
* Use Library photos or take snapshots
* Or use a simple colored canvas
* Unique paint brush controls:
– line width
– line opacity
– shadow and shadow color
– line dash
– line taper
– line ends
* Choose color from crayons – or
* Pick a color from anywhere in the photo
* Share your art to Public Art area
* View Public Art from within iGraffiti
* Save to Photos for emailing or contacts

“iGraffiti is all about unlocking your inner artist!” said iGraffiti Project Leader and Big Stone Phone cofounder Andrew Stone, “This new version adds a cool new color picker which lets you set the brush’s color to any pixel you choose in the background photo. Check out what folks have create at the public art space!”

Features and Fixes in this version include:
* View Public Art from within iGraffiti
* Color Picker lets you choose any color from image
* Shake to erase brings up dialog: last, all, or cancel
* Zoom In and Zoom Out easily with new menu item
* Preference to use original Pinch-to-Zoom
* Erasing is much smoother

iGraffiti, at just $4.99 (USD), is available for download and use today directly from your iPhone or computer by going to the App Store.

iGraffiti Home:
iGraffiti Public Art Space:
Download iGraffiti:
Big Stone Phone:
iGraffiti Sample Art:
iGraffiti Icon:

Stone Design is a New Mexico based software corporation founded in 1984 by Andrew Stone which has shipped over 20 titles for Mac OS X and its parent operating system, the NeXT in the last 20 years. Major applications include Create, a page layout and web authoring app, iMaginator for image processing and Videator for video effects and VJ’ing. This year, in conjunction with BigStonePhone, has added 5 iPhone applications to the collection: TalkingPics for field photography and audio recording, iGraffiti which lets you paint on photos and share them, Gesture which lets you turn photos into digital paintings and share them, and Twittelator Lite. BigStonePhone is a collaboration between Stone, Jeff BIggus of Hyperjeff and artist and UI designer Ollie Wagner.

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