Welcome to Macintosh Sisters, we are a Macintosh User Group, or MUG. We are dedicated to the female computer user in general and the Macintosh User specifficaly.

Macintosh Sisters or MacSisters have been online since 1995, but has existed offline since 1989 as a group in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The group was started after I was unable to find help from local groups, and talking with other female mac user’s netted me more information then I was able to get out of the males, thus Macintosh Sisters got it start.

Since getting online Macintosh Sisters has had its ups and downs like all groups out there, we have had good servers and we have had bad, we have had good members and we have had those who wish only to take us down, but regardless we have survived and are still around.

The Macintosh Sisters site is aimed at giving as much information as we can to our members and those who come here to visite, regardless of gender. We are a free membership based group, thus we offer the site free of charge to all who wish to become a member of the group.


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